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Transparency level of the largest IT companies in Ukraine was evaluated for the first time

Kyiv, 08.02.2012 – Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility Development presents the Transparency Index in IT sector. Transparency Index is an evaluation of companies’ web-sites on disclosure of corporate social responsibility information and activities.

Since 2012, Centre for CSR Development launched the Transparency Index Program for different sectors. Each month Centre will evaluate Top 10 companies from the certain sector by the Transparency Index methodology. Information technologies (IT) sector was chosen to be evaluated the first, because its market volume in 2010, according to Investgazeta, had shown growth on more than 50%.

In January, Centre’s analytics evaluated web-sites of Top 10 IT companies, according to the sectorial rating Top 100 (Rating of the best companies in Ukraine, June-August, 2011). Companies’ web-sites were evaluated by 4 main criteria: non-financial reporting (report about social and environmental activities, 40% from the result), level of information disclosure on key CSR spheres (35% from the result), navigation (10% from the result), potential accessibility of the web-site (language, contact information, etc., 15% form the result).

In general, companies have poor results on CSR information and activities disclosure – average rate is 10,4%, which could not be considered positive for the companies from any sector. Results of the evaluation are the following:

Name of the company
(maximum 200)
Level of information disclosure
(maximum 100%)
17 %
BMS Consulting
S&T Ukraine
Global Logic
Information Network (МUК)
Prexim D
ЕРАМ Systems (no web-site)

МТІ is the only company that has a CSR page on its web-site. But information is provided on a limited scale and it is not systematized. Also, BMS Consulting has a page, dedicated to charity.

Due to the fact that the IT-sector in Ukraine is very dynamic and quite strongly integrated into international markets, we hope  that such a low level of  disclosure will signal  to companies in this sector to be more actively included in corporate  social responsibility issues and  more actively cover their activities on their own  web pages ”, – notes Maryna Saprykina, Head of the Board of Centre for CSR Development.

Main CSR tendencies of IT-companies, according to the Transparency Index results:

  1. IT-companies don’t prepare non-financial reports.
  2. Among main CSR issues, companies pay more attention to the information about their services and corporate clients. Another CSR issue that is highlighted at the web-sites is human resource development. Unfortunately, many important CSR aspects are not covered at all – environmental protection, ethical, human rights, anti-corruption, stakeholder dialogue.
  3. Navigation at the web-sites is very convenient, but this advantage is offset by the lack of information about companies’ social and environmental initiatives – it is hard for web-sites visitors to assess the contribution of IT-companies in solving of social and environmental issues.
  4. In general, IT-companies in Ukraine don’t provide their stakeholders with sufficient information about corporate social responsibility activities.
  5. Some misunderstanding of CSR by IT-companies is traced, different CSR aspects are highlighted on different pages at the web-site. So, they need some arrangement and orderliness.

In February, Transparency Index will be conducted among pharmaceutical companies.

For detailed information contact Dmytro Kaba, (044) 280 -11 – 47, dk@csr-ukraine.org


About the Transparency Index: based on the methodology of Beyond Business (Israel). Transparency Index of Israeli companies is presented for the third year already. The difference of Index from other CSR ratings is that the object of evaluation is a company’s web site. The web site  is seen as the main source of public information, including the major stakeholders of the company, the policies and practices in CSR.


About the Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility Development: Leading CSR expert organization in Ukraine, member of the Board in the UN Global Compact (2010-2011), GRI Organizational stakeholder, national partner of CSR Europe (Brussels) and World Business Council for Sustainable Development (Geneva). Organization unites 21 companies in Ukraine. Centre provides consultations on development of CSR strategy, programs and communications, organization of projects’ monitoring and evaluation, preparation and verification of non-financial reporting. More at www.csr-ukraine.org

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