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Interview with ArcelorMittal about their last non-financial report


‘Safe Sustainable Steel’ sums up everything we are trying to achieve at ArcelorMittal. We want our business to be sustainable in every sense of the word – a business that is both profitable and responsible. We want keep our employees safe, and use less resources for providing the steel the world needs for construction, transport, manufacturing, renewable energy solutions and all other aspects of everyday life.

Interview with Ms. Elaine Cohen on the sustainability reporting


9 May 2011 – Ms. Elaine Cohen, an international expert on CSR, a sustainability reporter, gave an exclusive interview for CSR Review. CSR Review: In your opinion, what is the global situation with non-financial reporting? E.C.: I believe that non-financial …

Coffey International Award: chance for Ukrainian companies to participate


Interview with John Douglas, Coffey International Award coordinator
Business in the Community’s Coffey International Award for Excellence recognises and celebrates company programmes or initiatives that can demonstrate a positive impact on one or more of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

Interview with Juliane Nier, Lead Europe Project Officer


Applications for the 2011 LEAD Europe Leadership for Sustainable Development programme are now open. To apply and download an application form, please visit the how to apply page on Lead Europe website (http://www.lead-europe.org/). Completed application forms can be sent back to europe@lead.org.
You can open more information from interview with Juliane Nier, Lead Europe Project Officer.

John J. Aston, Managing Director AstonEco Management


Stakeholder Dialogue and AA1000

Most standards routinely go through a review or revision process to make sure they remain relevant and reflect the most beneficial and up-to-date best-practice. Both AA1000SES and AA1000AS have gone through their revision process recently.

Oksana Rudyuk PR Director life:)

rudyuk o, life;)

Ukraine has been ready for the global social responsibility strategy since long ago; it has a number of acute social issues needing to be urgently resolved. The only problem is that this strategy must be implemented in fact, not in word, and endorsed by the political will and loyalty of the state as its chief initiator and performer.

Bart Slob International expert on CSR, Nederlands

bart slob

I believe that it is useful for any country to have a national CSR strategy based on international standards and frameworks, such as the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises, prof. Ruggie’s framework for business and human rights and the ISO 26000 standard for social responsibility.

Viktor Lyakh, Eastern Europe Foundation Executive Director


European experience reveals a variety of approaches to development and implementation of social responsibility strategies. Thus, Norway and Slovakia have already adopted the concept on the national level; France and Italy have laws, regulating one or another CSR aspect; Ireland and Portugal believe that CSR is the prerogative for business.

Tetyana Babenko, Head of Public Relations Department, METRO Cash & Carry Ukraine


Ukrainian CSR strategy has begun to take shape. Presently, it is being based on separate initiatives of the corporate world, but it is a significant step towards awareness of corporate social responsibility importance and creating a mainstream strategy.

Serhiy Dorozhkin, Vice-President, TNK-BP Commerce


Undoubtedly, national CSR strategy is necessary as one of indicators of sustainable development and global competitiveness growth in Ukraine. Though it will become workable only when two factors are combined: on the one hand, the interests of all the participants of the social dialogue are harmoniously balanced – government, business environment and civil society.