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World Business Council for Sustainable Development

World Business Council for Sustainable Development was founded on the initiative of the International Chamber of Commerce in January of this year.

Today the Council unites 200 largest companies from 36 countries of the world, representing 22 industries and other kinds of business activity (British Petroleum, Shell, Anglo American, Noranda, Rio Tinto, WMC, Volkswagen, Fiat, Philips, General Motors, Sony, Xerox, Johnson & Johnson, Procter & Gamble, Nestle and others). The total capitalization of the companies-members of the Council makes 8 billion dollars. More than 3 million consumers in the world buy the products or services of the companiesmembers every day. Nowadays, no Ukrainian company is a member of the Council, though we consider that Ukraine could have been with dignity represented in the Council. It should be noted that the entrance card to the Council is enough expensive. But there is another way – through the National Business Council on Sustainable Development founded in the country. Regional network WBCSD consists of the national and regional councils of the entrepreneurs as well as affiliate organizations including non-government ones. The main objective of the World Council – is to develop collaboration between entrepreneurs, governments and organizations in the field of the environment protection and sustainable development; to generalize and popularize effective entrepreneurial; to forecast ecological and social and economical situation in the world; to develop scenario of reaction to the situation and implementation of the relative international programs. The focal point of the WBCSD is the activity of the working groups and among their main tasks are: working-out of the business strategy concerning the global problems of the modern age as well as implementation of the principles of sustainable development in different spheres of the entrepreneurial activity. Today the main efforts of the Council are directed at solving of such problems as: water usage, energy efficiency in the buildings, cement, electrical appliances, tires, mining and chemical industry. The new initiatives of the Council are coordination of the eco-patents and urban infrastructure. It is very important that the Council does not invent new projects but they are initiated by the businessmen who are ready to invest one or another project. One of the initiatives on research conducting the pool of the companies spent about 10 ml dollars, for example. It proves that the Council’s initiatives are necessary for business. One of the last projects of the Council is – Vision – 2050. It is evidence to the stable policy of the companies which are not going to stop their activity on the market but are caring of their sustainability and sustainability of the communities and countries in which they are operating.

The CSR Development Centre initiates foundation of the National Business Council on Sustainable Development in Ukraine.

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