The corporate social responsibility knocks on the HRs’ doors

Kyiv, 28th April 2011 – Centre for CSR Development and Japan Tobacco International Ukraine (JTI) presented the first unique guide for companies in Ukraine – “How to increase CSR effectiveness: HR role”. The presented guide was being developed throughout the last year by the representatives of 10 leading companies with the aim to demonstrate new approach to the CSR at the national market. The event took place in the Hyatt conference hall with participation of both Ukrainian and international experts.

Mr. Alexandr Rudnytsky, HR Director, Japan Tobacco International Ukraine (JTI), marks: “The guide for socially responsible companies is a result of productive meetings and discussions of the professionals in the field of HR and CSR that represent different business fields. Led by the Centre for CSR Development, the work was carried out over a year. We’d been sharing the companies’ and personal experience in the field of corporate social responsibility. As a result, we obtained the handbook full of interesting case studies. The experience of leading companies is shown there as well”.

During the event, the public discussion “Why is CSR impossible without the HR departments’ involvement?” was held with the representatives of key companies of Ukraine: Vanco Prykerchenska, DTEK, Platinum Bank. The international expert Ms. Elaine Cohen presented her book “HR for CSR”, and individual participants won the book with the author’s signature.

The guide “How to increase CSR effectiveness: HR role” contains the recommendations of leading Ukrainian companies on how to establish the partnership between HR and CSR departments for higher efficiency of social and ecological corporate programs; the practical cases that illustrate the theoretical part are also provided; for the first time the questionnaire for assessing the CSR status and needs of company was developed.

Ms. Maryna Saprykina, Centre for CSR Development, comments: “The guide demonstrates the cases how the employees’ participation in the development and implementation of social projects improves the quality of projects and makes CSR a business strategic tool”.

Opinions of development team:

Mr. Ruslan Skyba, Head of the Corporate Relations Department, Vanco Prykerchenska: “This particular handbook would be useful for those directors who build the company’s future on the basis of a long-term strategy and better experiences that are gained in the field of CSR”.

Ms. Maryna Zakharyina, Head of the Personnel Department, Ernst & Young: “We consider this guide as a platform for communication between HRs of leading companies, as the opportunity to share successful projects and draw new and effective ideas for its implementation. We sincerely hope that the guide will become the handbook for HRs”.

Ms. Vicktoriya Gryb, Adviser on Sustainable Development, DTEK: “We believe that system approach is essential in the CSR development. Hence, we had tried to combine our experience and knowledge to help in improving the effectiveness of CSR programs”.

Mr. Denys Brodsky, HR Director, Platinum Bank: “The presented guide will help to identify the main stages and features of the HR involvement in the development of corporate social responsibility. After all, the center of HR’s activity is the employees, and they are the main value of the socially responsible company”.

Ms. Olga Panyvnik, Manager of Compensations and Tax, Kraft Foods Ukraine: “This guide will help to make CSR more effective and this is an efficient tool both for the top managers and employees. Systematic practices, tips and ideas, generated by leading companies, could be implemented in new projects”.

Ms. Nina Lazareva, Editor in Chief, Manager Po Personalu: “It is significant that such a tool appeared. I hope with its help many HRs will move from words to deeds. Everyone agrees on the words that business should be with a “human face”, but not everyone knows what exactly can be done right tomorrow in the company”.

Ms. Oksana Rudyuk, Head of the Department of External Relations, life:): “For a long time, HR was not considered a function department that can implement CSR initiatives in the company and use them for its own purposes. Therefore, it is important that this guide appeared which helps to integrate and structure the efforts of the departments of External Relations and HR, and use the CSR not only as a means of external communication, but also as a powerful motivation tool to increase employee loyalty, reduce turn-over, search costs and training costs for new personnel”.

In case of further questions about the guide and its obtaining, please contact: Centre for CSR Development, +38 (044) 280 11 47,

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