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Readers’ Choice Award to transparent companies for the best non-financial report

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A public discussion “Why to prepare non-financial reports: opinion of companies in Ukraine” was held by the Centre of CSR Development, during which the Readers’ Choice Award initiative was presented.

Social responsibility: “People decide everything”

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Companies practicing partnership between CSR and HR Departments of a company are aware that the main advantage of this practice is as follows: participation of the HR Department helps establish CSR in the company’s DNA.

National Business Council for sustainable development: A test for leading companies?

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When reading a recent issue of the Companion, I saw an article titled “How to Profit from Sustainability”, where several companies operating in Ukraine described their sustainable development practices. Other companies prepare non-financial reports and call them reports on sustainable development.

First CSR project exhibition in Ukraine

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The Centre if CSR Development, under the “Development of the National CSR Agenda” Project, is happy to invite your company to participate in the CSR Marketplace, the first CSR project exhibition. The objective of this initiative is to promote the corporate social responsibility idea among companies, employees.

Results of the III UN Global Summit: “Let Us leave to our Children a Cleaner, Freer, and Safer House than today”.

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The Centre of CSR Development would like to congratulate the members, the Secretariat, and the Board of the UN Global Compact on the 10th anniversary of the organization’s existence initiated in 2000 by UN Secretary General Kofi Anan.

Danske Bank Group: Corporate responsibility and “business as usual” are inseparable

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The Danske Bank Group is Denmark’s largest bank and a leading player in North European financial markets. The Group is focused on various banking services. The Group has 5 million retail clients, holds an important part of corporate and institutional markets. Its network is represented in 14 countries, includes 734 branches and 22,000 employees.

South Africa CUP: FIFA and sustainable development

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Last summer, football fans could enjoy the 2010 FIFA World Cup. I believe this was a unique show for all audiences, who followed the fantastic game of Latin American Teams and unexpected failure of champions and triumph of octopus PaulJ. However, for CSR professionals, the main topic was whether South Africa would be able to ensure a high level of sustainable development projects and their future development?