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National Business Council for sustainable development: A test for leading companies?

When reading a recent issue of the Companion, I saw an article titled “How to Profit from Sustainability”, where several companies operating in Ukraine described their sustainable development practices. Other companies prepare non-financial reports and call them reports on sustainable development. In fact, sustainable development is the concept, which business understands and which becomes more and more popular. In April 2010, the Centre of CSR Development came with an idea, which became known not long ago.

In August, the Centre of CSR Development proposed to Ukraine’s largest companies, which contribute largely to Ukraine’s economic development, to found the National Business Council for Sustainable Development.

At present, Ukraine has no business network, which would promote sustainable development in the country and demonstrate the leadership potential of business in this area. On the international stage, creation of the National Business Council for Sustainable Development is an excellent opportunity to improve the image of Ukrainian companies; there is a unique opportunity to become regional partners of international networks of CSR and sustainable development (the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (www.wbcsd.org), CSR-Europe (www.csr-europe.org)). Such partnership opens an opportunity to participate in international events, keep in touch with CEOs of the leading business organizations, and implement projects of partners in Ukraine for Ukrainian companies and the NBCSD members.

Specifics of the NBCSD as compared to other networks in Ukraine:

  • creation of business organization for business;
  • stated vision, mission, objectives, and plans, which will promote the European concept of sustainable development.

The areas of work of the National Business Council for Sustainable Development:

  • advocacy (raising awareness of sustainable development and eco-practices, development of a guide on holding eco-events; water management projects; creation of a resource base for sustainable development and business);
  • lobbying common goals at the national level and cooperation with international partners;
  • training programs for future leaders.

In October 2010, the Centre plans to hold an informal meeting of the leading companies to discuss these matters. Presentation of the business leader network is scheduled for November 30, 2010 at the conference titled “CSR: Creating a Permanent Value” in Kyiv’s Premier Palace Hotel.

We are curious to know how many companies in Ukraine regard themselves as leaders and have the potential to become leaders of sustainable development in Ukraine. We will soon find it out.

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