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IV National CSR Business Case Contest was solemnly opened in Kyiv and main non-financial reporting trends were identified

May 14, Kyivlaunch of the IV National CSR Business Case Contest within the ConferenceNon-financial Reporting: How, For Whom and What For?”. The conference was organized by Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility Development with the support of general partner of the Contest Ernst & Young, mobile partner MTS Ukraine and international partner – U.S.Ukraine Foundation.  

National CSR Business Case Contest is a unique Ukrainian initiative that popularizes the best CSR practices since 2009. More than 100 companies’ cases were gathered during this period. These cases were included to the publication “CSR Practices in Ukraine” and to the first complex book about social responsibility: “CSR: models and management practice”. 

Oleksiy Kredisov, managing partner at Ernst & Young Ukraine, mentioned: Ernst & Young promotes responsible business practices in Ukraine, and thats why our company supports CSR Business Case Contest for the fourth year. This event is very important for rooting of corporate responsibility among Ukrainian business and education of new generation, based on new entrepreneurship principles. More than 700 publication with best CSR practices were disseminated among universities, and today students form the responsible business skills. I am sure that it is necessary to tell about good things and share positive experience, so more and more companies will follow these examples and implement socially responsible policies”.

Each year the CSR Business Case Contest is developing, acquires new initiatives and ideas. Maryna Saprykina, Head of the Board at Centre for CSR Development told about 2012 novices: “First of all, I would like to note the introduction of “Best CSR Practice for Development of Ukraine” nomination. Jury of our contest consists of international experts, who evaluate practices regarding global CSR development. But in some situations a social program for us is a breakthrough, and for them – routine. So, we will invite nation’s elite and opinion leaders to evaluate practices in Ukrainian context. In addition, we will introduce “Non-financial Reporting” nomination due to the growing interest from companies for preparation of their own non-financial reports”.

Companies’ CSR practices are evaluated in following nominations: labor relations, community development, consumer rights, protection of the environment, human rights, CSR communications, organizational management.


It should be noted that CSR Business Case Contest had gone beyond the borders of Ukraine and was presented in Romania, USA, Moldova, Belgium, Norway. These year, best CSR cases will be presented in Washington during the annual conference, organized by the U.S. – Ukraine Foundation. It is an important step in improvement of Ukraine’s business reputation.  

Each year, during the launch of the National Business Case Contest, experts, representatives of companies, universities, business schools, NGOs gather to discuss important issues of social responsibility. This year, discussion was dedicated to non-financial reporting. More than 6000 non-financial reports are prepared annually and these number shows the dynamical growth. Europe prepares 1000 new reports annually, and in Denmark there is a statutory requirement on reporting about non-financial indicators.

Elaine Cohen, Beyond Business (Іsrael), Contest jury member, non-financial reports commentator, during the speech at the conference, mentioned: There is no need to askWhy should we prepare non-financial reports?” It’s a history. Today’s reality shows that non-financial reporting is a necessary part of company’s activities. The effectiveness of this practice is proved by many studies. So, the main question for the companies should be “How to prepare qualitative non-financial report in a right way”.  

Also, during the event presentation web-site was conducted of the Global Transparency Indexa unique initiative with the help of which You will have the possibility to know about transparency level of leading international companies, and  investigate the situation in Ukrainian business (including sectorial analyses).

Two big discussionsNon-financial reports: experience of Ukrainian companiesandHow to encourage stakeholders to read reports?” became the most dynamic part of the Conference.


Main conclusions:

  • Non-financial reports should be prepared.
  • It is necessary to employees, experts and other stakeholders to the process of report preparation.
  • It is important to prepare qualitative and balanced reports and not to make advertisement brochures form them.
  • Non-financial reports should be prepared systematically.


Pleasant part of the event was the Award for the winner of Responsible Leadership project –  Greg Krasnov, CEO Platinum Bank

For additional information contact Olena Tregub, phone: 044 280-11-47, e-mail: review@csr-ukraine.org 


About CSR Business Case Contest:  Aim of the Contest – to present companies’ CSR decisions as an integral part of companies’ business strategies. It is organized for the fourth year with support of Ernst & Young (general partner), MTS Ukraine (mobile partner). International partner – U.S. – Ukraine Foundation. Informational support – American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine, European Business Association. Media partners: General media partner – LIGA Business Inform, Internet partner – Delo.ua, Strategic media partner – Gvardia, Business media partner – Business Class, Law partner – JURLIGA, Professional partner – HR-Liga.


About Centre for CSR Development: Leading CSR expert organization in Ukraine, member of the Board in the UN Global Compact (2010-2011), GRI Organizational stakeholder, national partner of CSR Europe (Brussels) and World Business Council for Sustainable Development (Geneva). Organization unites 29 companies in Ukraine. Centre provides consultations on development of CSR strategy, programs and communications, organization of projects’ monitoring and evaluation, preparation and verification of non-financial reporting. More at www.csr-ukraine.org

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