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HOW TO DEVELOP CORPORATE VOLUNTEERING: recommendations from Centre for CSR Development

November 22, Kyiv Centre for CSR Development gave a powerful incentive for development of corporate volunteering in Ukraine by presenting the first Ukrainian guideCorporate volunteering: where to start?” and the upcoming Corporate Volunteering Week in Ukraine (December 5-9, 2011). 

Guide “Corporate volunteering: where to start?” was prepared by Maryna Saprykina, Head of Centre for CSR Development. It is based on the experience of the leading companies “Ernst&Young”, “Kyivstar”, DHL, LG, Timberland and contains recommendations how to avoid mistakes and motivate people. The main feature of the guide – examples of successful programs of international and national companies and results of poll among Ukrainian about the level of corporate volunteering programs’ implementation. It is absolutely practical publication that allows companies to develop their own  corporate volunteering program step by step.

Natalia Telenkova, Ernst&Young: Corporate volunteering – a term that hides project mechanisms which have a great social effect. By implementing social and charity projects with staff involvement, companies not only help society  to solve martyred problems, but also give additional possibilities for employees to disclose their potential, expand their impact, gain new skills, teambuilding.

Olena Ryzhova, “Kyivstar”, confirmed that “Corporate volunteering is an integral part of Kyivstar’s social programs that, after companies’ integration, encourages uniting of collectives into one Kyivstar team, raising of trust and cooperation between employees. The number of volunteers raises every year, they are joined by their friends, families and clients”.

Ilona Birushova, DHL, added: “We focus our responsibility on three strategic spheres of development – GoGreen, GoHelp and GoTeach. So, employees have the possibility to choose the volunteer activities that is interesting to them. Being a DHL volunteer is prestigious, it is recognized and appreciated by the top-management”.

The guide is an instrument of preparation for practical implementation of ideas during the Corporate Volunteering Week that will be held on December 5-9, 2011, where companies’ employees will have the possibility to share their professional skills with NGOs and social institutions. More about Week and guide – http://sites.google.com/site/corporatevolunteering

To get the guide and register in the Corporate Volunteering Week, contact Olena Gubankova by phone (044) 280-11-47 or e-mail: og@csr-ukraine.org

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