How transparent is your company: presentation of the results of Transparecy Index of the companies in Ukraine 2011


September 21, 2011, 14.00-16.00 Kyiv, Blue Hall of Ukrinform press centre (B. Khmelnytskogo str., 8/16). Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility Development invites for presentation of Transparency Index of companies in Ukraine 2011, started within Ukraine National Initiatives to Enhance Reforms …

How should media cover social responsibility?

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The media have an enormous influence on the public conscience; they are forming our world perception and encourage us to make decisions. We can find a lot of examples when huge companies turned bankrupt only on the reason that media published information about their activity.

Social responsibility: “People decide everything”

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Companies practicing partnership between CSR and HR Departments of a company are aware that the main advantage of this practice is as follows: participation of the HR Department helps establish CSR in the company’s DNA.

Profession: CSR Manager. Profession’s Parameters: USA and Ukraine’s opinion

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In summer 2010, the Boston College for Corporate Citizenship issued a report titled “Profession’s Parameters 2010: Corporate Citizenship Leaders Today and Tomorrow”.