Non-financial reporting

Best non-financial reports of ukrainian opanies are determined

October 21, Kyiv – Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility Development and PocketBook had awarded the best readers and authors within Readers’ Choice Award, the contest for company’s best non-financial report. General partner of the contest – PocketBook. Centre for CSR …

Ukrainians will have the possibility to vote for the best non-financial report


October 20, Kyiv – Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility Development invites to participate in the second Readers’ Choice Award – contest on the best company’s non-financial report. The most active reader would get a prize from the general partner of …

Interview with ArcelorMittal about their last non-financial report


‘Safe Sustainable Steel’ sums up everything we are trying to achieve at ArcelorMittal. We want our business to be sustainable in every sense of the word – a business that is both profitable and responsible. We want keep our employees safe, and use less resources for providing the steel the world needs for construction, transport, manufacturing, renewable energy solutions and all other aspects of everyday life.

Non-Financial Reporting in Ukraine: how, what for, and integrated reporting as the latest trend

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At last, the dream of proponents of the One Report theory has come true; they can celebrate their victory. In South Africa, after June 1, 2010, all of 450 companies whose shares are listed on the stock exchange, must submit an integrated report.