From now, universities will teach corporate social responsibility on a special textbook

Press release September 28, 2011 – Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility Development under support of INTERPIPE had presented first in Ukraine complex corporate social responsibility book “Corporate social responsibility: models and management practice” that is designed for students and professors, …

How to create effective partnerships: guide prepared


Kyiv, July 26, 2011 – presentation of the first Ukrainian guide “How to establish partnership: recommendations for business” was organized. Publication is prepared by Centre for CSR Development, supported by Galnaftogaz (OKKO filling complexes) within the project “Development of the National CSR Agenda”, supported by UNITER, Pact. This publication is based on discussions’ results between different stakeholder groups that were organized during the exhibition of social and environmental projects of the companies (CSR Marketplace) in November 2010.

“Social responsibility: human resources are essential”

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The publication titled “Social Responsibility: Human Resources are Essential” is the result of the survey initiated and conducted by the Centre of CSR Development with full financial and technical support from Japan Tobacco International Ukraine (JTI).

CSR Practices in Ukraine

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The first collection in Ukraine includes 43 practices of corporate social responsibility (CSR) which were submitted in the framework of the First National CSR Business Case Contest and which are implemented by companies such as SCM, INTERPIPE, DTEK, METRO, Kyivstar, Intel, Siemens, Tetra Pak, and others.

Balance between work and the family

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This guide includes major theoretical information about the concept: definition and evolution of the concept of a balance between work and the family, major advantages of companies applying the concept in practice.